Fundamental Principles

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Ever sensitive to the needs of its customers, every home that XS Real builds is driven by a set of three fundamental principles—aesthetic sense, attention to detail, and the passion to fill every home with positive energy. Essential attributes of a quality construction that turn a house into the home everyone dreams of, this set of fundamental principles are defining strengths that help XS Real set industry standards. They are also crucial elements that help to live up to the XS Real promise.

  • It may not always be necessary to explain beauty – nonetheless, anything beautiful can be enjoyed every time we cast our eyes on it. Likewise, in construction too, visual appeal is of utmost importance, and XS Real believes aesthetics is integral to construction. Routinely, a lot of attention is paid to design, and every XS Real project is based on a theme. An exclusive Research & Design center decides the structural and design parameters of every theme. For instance, Pallava Heights, one of our projects, is inspired by the imperial architecture of the seventh century Pallava kingdom. The construction was preceded by an in-depth research of construction during the period and incorporates its features such as the Theppakulam inspired pool and Gopuram-styled gates. The swimming pool has a replica of the world-renowned monolith "Arjuna's Penance."
Attention to detail
  • God is in the details. Devil is in the details.
  • Although the word "details" is common to both the maxims, their meanings are different. To XS Real, however, both meanings are equally significant. Attention paid to small details in a construction project can have its own rewards, while overlooking small details can turn out to be costly mistakes. It is a simple philosophy, one that has shaped XS Real's approach to construction. It ensures a level of care and attention that has every tile placed perfectly, every door and window aligned precisely. The homes architects and engineers at XS Real build are those that they themselves would like to live in. They work in tandem, meticulously, to create the perfect living space. As far back as 1995, XS Real pioneered the concept of drip-irrigated lawns and exquisite landscaping; rounded kitchen counter tops was one more manifestation of XS Real's attention to detail. XS Real firmly believes that every little detail of a construction should cause the customer's heart to swell with pride.
The passion to fill every home with positive energy
  • Lasting happiness in itself symbolizes a celebration of life. Inspired by the idea of keeping the flow of happiness into every home a constant, XS Real constructs homes that celebrate life. Lively, with uncluttered and spacious interiors that are well-lit and well-ventilated, every home radiates happiness and positive energy. Add to these, breezy open terraces that reach out skyward, neatly interspersed with an abundance of terrace gardens, and exquisitely landscaped exteriors, XS Real apartments are indeed a balm to the soul.

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