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Classical Coronation

In 2011, XS Real launched this as an annual event. Its primary objective is to recognize and honor classical musicians for devotion and commitment to their respective musical genres.

Odhuvars are highly trained singers who sing Thirumurais (songs of Tamil saints; 7 to 12 AD) in the "Pann tradition" in temples. In the olden days they would receive the patronage of eminent personalities such as Raja Raja Chozhan. In an effort to keep the tradition alive, the inaugural event of Classical coronation honored 20 present-day Odhuvars from Tamil Nadu with the XS Real Paramanaiye Paaduvaar cash award of Rs. 20,000/- each.

TR Sabapathi, Nataraja, V Chokkalinga, Trichi Balasubramanian, TM Sabapathi Kapaleeswaran, Chandrasekaran, M Tirunavukkarasu, S Sambandham, P C Sivasami, Sattaiyappa, Vaduganatha, T Kalyanasundaram, M.Chokalinga, Thambayya, Kottaiyur Tarasu, Lakshmanan, Dhandapani, Arunachala , Ramachandra Odhuvar. One Senior Odhuvar was recognized, honoured and awarded, XS Real Life Time Achievement Award of Rs 50,000/-

School Events

This is a school level contest to fuel the imagination of school children while celebrating XS Real's commitment to creativity. This event gives schoolchildren confidence in their natural talent, and the motivation to develop skills to complement their academic proficiency. The "My Dream Room" Contest has been held in schools across Chennai for the last three years. The first year saw about 10 schools participating in the contest, followed by 20 and then 50 schools respectively, in the second and third year.

R. Soundarya, 10th Standard, PSBB, K. K. Nagar won "Dream Room Makeover" – the grand prize for the year 2011-2012.

Watch R. Soundarya's Speech