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XS Real believes that as a corporate citizen it is indeed making a contribution toward a better tomorrow, playing its part in vitalizing the world's 10th largest economy. While leaving no stone unturned in its effort to be a good corporate citizen, XS Real believes that it is equally important to be a responsible corporate citizen and engage in activities aimed at sustaining and enriching India's cultural and social capital. In an extension of its entrepreneurial vitality and innovative approach to business, XS Real has launched several initiatives to encourage established as well as young talent.

Classical Coronation

In 2011, XS Real launched this as an annual event. Its primary objective is to recognize and honor classical musicians for devotion and commitment to their respective musical genres.

Odhuvars are highly trained singers who sing Thirumurais (songs of Tamil saints; 7 to 12 AD) in the "Pann tradition" in temples. In the olden days they would receive the patronage of eminent personalities such as Raja Raja Chozhan. In an effort to keep the tradition alive, the inaugural event of Classical coronation honored 20 present-day Odhuvars from Tamil Nadu with the XS Real Paramanaiye Paaduvaar cash award of Rs. 20,000/- each.

TR Sabapathi, Nataraja, V Chokkalinga, Trichi Balasubramanian, TM Sabapathi Kapaleeswaran, Chandrasekaran, M Tirunavukkarasu, S Sambandham, P C Sivasami, Sattaiyappa, Vaduganatha, T Kalyanasundaram, M.Chokalinga, Thambayya, Kottaiyur Tarasu, Lakshmanan, Dhandapani, Arunachala , Ramachandra Odhuvar. One Senior Odhuvar was recognized, honoured and awarded, XS Real Life Time Achievement Award of Rs 50,000/-


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