XS Real—a brand with a bouquet of variants to suit varying user aspirations

The XS Real brand comes to you with a well-crafted bouquet of three variants—XS Real xqsit, XS Real FairSquare, and XS Real Vibe. Although unique architectural concepts differentiate the three variants, the common thread running through them is the XS Real commitment to quality at every stage of a construction. In other words, all the three variants reflect the fundamental principles that XS Real follows for all its constructions—aesthetics, attention to detail, and the passion to fill every home with positive energy. Together, they uphold the XS Real promise to put the homebuyer on “the straight road to lasting happiness.

This variant is based on the concept of providing luxurious living spaces, the answer to dreams and lifestyle aspirations of homebuyers in the luxury segment. This variant comprises thematic Bungalow Apartments that combine the independence and privacy of living in a bungalow with the security, amenities, and all other conveniences of living in an apartment. The XS Real xqsit Bungalow Apartments are modeled on different architectural styles such Tuscan, Tudor, Spanish, Pallava, and Chettinad. For example, the Tuscan order is inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany, with its plentiful vineyards, farmhouses, tile roofs, cypress trees, and sunflowers. Ornate wicket gates that lead to the main entrances accentuate the feel of independence and privacy in all XS Real xqsit apartments. Foyers in every apartment have a polished granite seat fixed to the wall on one side, with a shoe rack neatly tucked underneath. Distinctive design elements of the various architectural styles enhance the elegance and visual appeal of the apartments. The uniqueness of the architectural concepts is also reflected in the common amenities—elevated and open-to-sky swimming pools, decked on all sides, with thematic murals or carving on their boundary walls; well-appointed clubhouses; thoughtfully designed children’s play areas; landscaped theme gardens interspersed with water bodies, and elegant walkways combine to make living a truly exquisite experience.

A well thought out concept, this variant, along with the concept of Bungalow Apartment, underscores XS Real’s pioneering approach to real estate development. By striking a balance between joint and nuclear family living, the XS Real Vibe concept has proved to be the right foil for a very unkind consequence of today’s surging urbanization—having to sacrifice the many joys of living as a joint family. XS Real Vibe, built as blocks of four apartments occupying two floors that rest on stilts, gives nuclear families the opportunity to experience the joys of living as a joint family once more. It lets you retain the positive attributes of living as a nuclear family, yet “vibe” together as you would in a joint family. There’s even more that you get with XS Real Vibe—high UDS (undivided share), maximum utilization of space, a short delivery period, and low maintenance expense! The low maintenance results from the rental accrual of a studio apartment on the stilt level in each apartment block. It is given absolutely free to the owners! XS Real Vibe is the unbeatable answer for those who wish to remain a nuclear family yet vibe together as a joint family.

As the name suggests, this variant is ideal for first time homebuyers, because the apartments have been designed to suit their pockets. A distinctive feature of XS Real FairSquare apartments are their maximized living spaces. These are intelligent apartments, functional as well as elegant, with compact spaces and well-planned HVAC systems in all the rooms. Pre-identified locations for utilities and provision for natural light and ventilation in all rooms ensure stress free living. With skillful interior designing, a 700–800 Sq. ft. apartment can be made to look much more spacious. Every XS Real FairSquare project is liberally packed with amenities such as swimming pools with toddlers’ section, gymnasiums, children’s play area, play courts, DG power backup for individual apartments, sewage and water treatment plants, aesthetically landscaped exteriors. In a single phrase the deal on offer is “fair and square”!